About us

BioCity Turku is an umbrella organization supporting and coordinating life science and molecular medicine related research in the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University.

The two universities share one campus area in a historical location of the city of Turku (est. 1229). The same campus additionally houses the Turku University Central Hospital and the THL (The National Institute for Health and Welfare) Turku unit. Research groups working in these organizations are also active members in the BioCity Turku research programmes.

The existence of one compact, multidisciplinary campus area is the major strength of science in Turku and, in this magnitude, is also unique in Finland. The geographical structure of our campus presents us with an optimal platform for inter-disciplinary collaboration and to facilitate the integration of science.


BioCity future events

Frontiers of Science
March 12th at 12:00
Presidentti auditorium, Mauno Conference Center, BioCity

Dr. Ricardo Henriques, University College London, UK
Democratising live-cell super-resolution microscopy enabled by open-source analytics in ImageJ