Fri, January 19th, 2018

11:00-12:00 Pharmacity Auditorium,
Dr. Adam S. Wilkins, Institute of Theoretical Biology, Humboldt Universität, Germany: “The unusual face of Homo sapiens and its evolutionary origins”

Hosts: Harri Savilahti and Petter Portin

Coffee served at 10:45



DECEMBER 8th, 2017
Annual Meeting

OCTOBER 12th, 2017

10.00-11:00 Pharmacity Auditorium
Robert Lyle, Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo, Norway: “Long-term prenatal exposure to paracetamol is associated with DNA methylation differences in children diagnosed with ADHD”
Host: Riikka Lund

OCTOBER 5th, 2017
FOS Seminar: Prof. Antti Poso, University of Kuopio & Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Tübingen in Germany: “From drug design to target selection: developing new anti-cancer and CNS-targeting compounds”. Host: Outi Salo

JUNE 2nd, 2017
10.00-11:00 Pharmacity Auditorium

Prof. Peter James, Turku Centre for Biotechnology: “Modern technologies and their application to the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of breast cancer”.


Ass.Prof. Tapio Pahikkala, Department of Information Technology, University of Turku: “Small data AUC estimation of machine learning methods: Pitfalls and remedies”.

Coffee served at 9:45

MAY 23rd, 2017
11-12 Pharmacity Auditorium.
Docent Miina Ollikainen, University of Helsinki & FIMM: “Unraveling epigenetics and traits of complex diseases using twin approaches”. Host: Riikka Lund.
Coffee served at 11.00

MAY 5th, 2017
12.00-13.00, Pharmacity Auditorium.

Ass. Prof. Filip Ginter, Department of Information Technology, University of Turku: “Turku Natural Language Group: Text Mining of Biomedical Literature… and beyond”.
Ass. Prof. Hongbo Zhang, Drug Development and diagnostics, Åbo Akademi University: “Biological Analysis in Droplets, the Power of Mirofluidics”.

DECEMBER 9th, 2016
CompLifeSci The 1st Annual Meeting 

NOVEMBER 18th, 2016
12.00-13.00, Agora
Prof. Outi Salo-Ahen, Åbo Akademi University“In search of novel antimicrobial agents against multiresistant bacteria – Computer-aided drug design approachesHost: Tiina Salminen
Coffee served at 11.45

OCTOBER 21st, 2016
11.00-12.00, Pharmacity Auditorium

Tapio Lönnberg, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow at EMBL-EBI & Visiting Scientist at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK, 09/2016- Senior Scientist at Turku Centre for Biotechnology, University of Turku: “Single Cell RNA-sequencing and T cell fate decisions“. Host: Riikka Lund
Coffee served at 10.45

SEPTEMBER 29th, 2016
14.00-15.00, ICT beta lecture room

Jing Tang, PhD, TCSM Group Leader, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Turku: Network-based drug combination discovery for personalized medicine – data integration, model prediction and mechanistic understanding“. Host: Tero Aittokallio
Coffee served at 13.45

AUGUST 25th, 2016
14.00-15.00, Biocity 5th floor BTK seminar room
Prof. Savvas Savvides, VIB Inflammation Research Center & Ghent University, Belgium: Structure, Mechanisms and Antagonism of pro-inflammatory cytokine-receptor complexes”. Host: Tassos Papageorgiou
Coffee served at 13.45