LIFESPAN Seminar Series spring 2018

Coffee at 12 o’clock
Seminar 12.15 (45 minutes + discussion)

January 4th
at 14-15 in DenAud, Arje Scheinin -sali

Sex-specific effects of sex-steroid hormones in metabolism
Speaker: Jenny Visser, Assistant Professor at the Department of Internal Medicine, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Host: Matti Poutanen
Note the timing! Seminar starts at 14.00

January 11th
at 12-13 in Pha1, Pharmacity

“Use of bacterial glycolipids for diagnostics and therapeutics”
Speaker: Prof. David Goodlett
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, US
Host: Laura Elo

February 1st
at 14-15 in Arje Scheinin auditorium, Dentalia

“Closed loop insulin therapy – current state of the art and future prospects”
Speaker: Prof. Carlo Acerini, Cambride
Host: Jorma Toppari


February 22nd
at 15:30-17:30
in Beta Auditorium, ICT Building

BioCity Guest Seminar, organized jointly by the LIFESPAN and Receptor Research Programs and Turku Brain and Mind Center

Professor Ulrik Gether, University of Copenhagen: “The dopamine transporter: a key player in psychostimulant addiction and dopaminergic pathologies”

Dr. Volker Eulenburg, University Hospital Leipzig, Clinics for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine: “Glycine transporter function in retina and dorsal horn – GlyT1 as a major regulator of glycine dependent neurotransmission”

Coffee/tea will be served at 15.00 h.

Host: Mika Scheinin (


March 23rd
at 9:30 in C202 seminar room
(C2 floor), Medisiina building

“Finding a novel Rasopathy – The Legius syndrome”
Speaker: Prof. Eric Legius, Leuven, Belgium

Coffee/tea will be served at 09:15 h.

Host: Juha Peltonen

April 10th
at 13:00 in Beta Auditorium, ICT Building

Minisymposium: New Insights into Type 1 Diabetes

Professor Chantal Mathieu, KU Leuven, Belgium: New epitopes in T1D

Professor Mark Peakman, King’s College, London, UK: Immune targeting of preproinsulin for biomarker discovery in T1D

Host: Riitta Lahesmaa (

Coffee/tea will be served at 13:00

April 26th
at 13:00 in C202 seminar room, Medisiina Building

Dr. Sikha Saha, Lecturer and MCRC Director of Impact and Innovation, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK: Blood brain barrier model for drug delivery and toxicity testing for cerebrovascular diseases

Host: Terhi Heino

Coffee/tea will be served at 13:00

May 8th

June 5th