Grant calls

LIFESPAN Travel Grant Call 2019 is now open for applications!

LIFESPAN travel grant call closes Feb 17th, 2019.

Contact Anne Lahdenperä ( ) for more information.


Lifespan travel grant call rules and instructions:

1) The applicant has to be a member of a Lifespan group

2) For international travels within Europe one can apply for max 500 eur and for travels outside Europe one can apply for max 800 eur. For important national meetings, one can apply for max 200 eur.

3) Doctoral students are prioritized over postdoctoral researchers in Lifespan travel grant call.

4) You can receive only one Lifespan travel grant for an international meeting / year

5) Lifespan travel grant is a SECONDARY source of support. You need to apply for 100% support from other primary sources (such as the Turku University Foundation, other foundations, graduate school) for all travel expenses before you are entitled to receive a travel grant from Lifespan. Please present the funding plan in the application form (“Funding from other sources”) to indicate which primary sources you have applied (or will apply) for the funding. Lifespan makes decisions conditionally, and the Lifespan grant is paid only if the decisions of the primary sources are negative, or if the received sums are not enough to cover all the travel expenses.

6) Travel and costs need to take place during year 2019.

7) Travel grant application has to contain following pieces of information:
– Name and title of the applicant, site of research/institution and his/her supervisor
– The name, location and time of the meeting
– Submitted abstract (poster or oral presentation)/ other justification
*Remember to specify whether the grant applicant also presents the poster
– Proof that the abstract has been submitted and/or accepted
– Title of the presentation
– Budget breakdown and other sources of funding


LIFESPAN Call for small equipment purchases 2019

List of grant recipients:

Alex Dickens, Turku Centre for Biotechnology, University of Turku
Moving and installation costs of Hamilton pipetting robot
2900 eur

Robert Lassfolk, Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Åbo Akademi University
pH-meter (Elmetron CP-411) and an electrode (ERH-12-6)
214 eur

Omid Rasool, Turku Centre for Biotechnology, University of Turku
SNAP i.d. 2.0 Protein Detection System for Western Blotting
2900 eur

Anne Roivainen, Turku PET Centre, University of Turku and Turku University Hospital
Custom Cast Lead shielding for improved In-vivo PET image quality of Rat Brain Tumors
1000 eur